Neurologists in Oklahoma

If you’ve been looking for a neurologist in Oklahoma, you’ve probably learned that there aren’t many of us. Chances are, if you are looking for a neurologist, you have a disease or medical problem that is scary or difficult to solve. Neurologists, in general, have become the last great diagnosticians (people who diagnose, or solve, medical mysteries). Continue reading “Neurologists in Oklahoma”

Yukon Neurology

It’s been a long time since the last blog post but that’s because Dr. McCoy has been hard at work establishing a new clinic in Yukon, Oklahoma! Dr. McCoy will now be expanding his practice to include both Stillwater and Yukon locations! Office space has been leased and he will begin seeing patients September 17, 2018!

What is neuropathy?

Tingling, numbness, burning, electic-like pain, even weakness can all be symptoms of neuropathy. Strictly speaking, “neuropathy” literally means “problem with the nerves.” It is actually a very broad, general statement. In its purest form, it can mean so many things. But typically, when people and doctors say “neuropathy,” they are actually referencing something called “polyneuropathy.” Poly- means “many.” So, “polyneuropathy” means that MANY nerves have a problem. This implies a that a larger, holistic problem is at play. Something is creating a problem with many nerves in the body. Continue reading “What is neuropathy?”